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That was the weekend that was.

Had a lovely evening last night.Had pub food with jon and then we tootled to meet sqizzle and friends at the Victoria for a drink and then off again to The George for Resurrected.

Al played a really good set (though i'd never heard 70% of it before!) and then there was some good boogie tunes afterwards...felt kinda weird knowing 80% of the people in there rather than the normal 40% at the phono!

Went out with mixed feelings as i knew i wanted to dance but felt a bit nervous going out without my corset armour, but everyone was telling how nice i looked!I even got told i was pretty!Thanks for the ego boost!

Went back to the mini gathering at M&J's and ended up wandering home about 7.30am when this guy completly off his face followed from the uni to hyde park corner talking to me and getting really pushy and aggressive. luckily when i went into the one stop to get some food the shop guy noticed i wasn't looking to happy about the guy talking to me and basically got rid of him.Hurrah for the morning shift one stop guy!

Once i got home i ate and then tried to get to sleep but my body was convinced it was time to get up again so dozed for an hour or so and then got up and packed like a mad packing thing.I have A LOT of books!...and it all came out of these boxes so it should go back in again...theoretically.perhaps i have aquired more than i thought!

It looks really bare now i've taken all my pictures and posters down and i have mixed feelings as am dismantling the safe space i'd made, but hopefully i can make a new one at the new house.have sort of worked out how am going to fit all the stuff in my nice new room.
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