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Tentative results

Well it looks like I've passed the year, but only just. I knew i'd cocked up one of the exams but hadn't realised how badly..and yet again my exams have pulled down my essay marks.(my essays normally being in the middle/low 2:1 area)

I have 2 borderline 2:1 modules, a middle 2:2,a marginal 2:2,2 borderline 2:2's and a bare pass.

The bare pass is annoyingly for the module for which i wrote possibly the best essay i've ever written but had an exam question that left people leaving the exam muttering about it, and the 2:1s are for my museum studies classes.

Don't know whether to be pleased i've passed or mad at myself for not doing better.....perhaps i am being hard on myself, i don't know.I have been ill but i thought i'd gotten back on track.
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