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Need a job NOW

Saw corset of dreams on ebay

Can't afford corset and people are daring to bid on MY corset :-(

They shall be hunt down and shot...

Need a job so i can save up for the full price one.....

Oh and job interview was crapper than a crappy thing.
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I think I might sell some of my clothes. My wardrobe is bursting anyway. Then I can buy more clothes!
thats a good plan...shall do that once i've moved.
I still have the stuff I made in college. Bet I can flog that as designer one off gear.

Need a new corset!
Ooh what's it like?
leather and pretty and the only time i've ever had true i NEED that lust for a piece of clothing.
Aww :(
Exactly hence why i'm trying to find out who its by so i can find out how much a full price one is.
when i left uni i spent a day registering with every agency i could find, i was working with in the week

and for corsets search for meat factory Korsets or ask undead69 for a good site
i've been registered with every agency i could find for the last year but till i am in a house with a landline again keeping in contact with them is a little hard and being a student still also makes things harder.

and its more a case of specific corset lust for this particular corset.