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elizabeyta's Journal

9 September
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Student in the fair city of Leeds (at the proper uni),in her twenties, generally fabulous and utterly sarcastic...current ambition is to get through uni wearing as little colour as possible and without cracking up!
Am studying for an completly pretentious degree in History of Art and Museum Studies, which has the added use of making peoples eyes glaze over the moment you mention it.

academia, alpha centuri, art, big words, bill bailey, blackwork, bodices, bondage, books, boots, burlesque, cake, candles, cats, celtic knotwork, celtic legends, chai tea, charms, chivalry, chocolate, chuthulu, cloaks, clubbing, cocktails, coffee, collars, corsetry, corsets, costuming, creativity, csi, cuddling, dancing, debauchery, dressmaking, dvds, earrings, eccentricity, eclecticism, embroidery, extravagance, fabric, feminism, fetishman, films, flirting, fluff, folk magic, freda warrington, garnets, gin, goth, hats, healing, hedgewitch, heels, herbalism, historical costume, innuendo, intelligence, jacqueline carey, julian may, katherine kerr, kissing, kitchen witchery, kushiel quartet, larp, laurell k hamilton, law and order, leather, leeds, letters, making clothes, masquerades, mead, military tailoring, modifying clothes, mp3s, museums, music, musicals, nanny ogg, nature, neil gaiman, neverwhere, painting, patterns, peoplewatching, petticoats, photography, pinstripe, pre- raphaelites, pretty people, pretty things, pubs, rapier sharp wit, reading, real ale, reenactment, ribbons, rivers, romance, rpgs, sandman, satin, sci-fi, self-awareness, sewing, sex, shakespeare, shiny things, shirts, silk, silver, silver jewellery, silver jewelry, snobbery, spirit, spontaneity, st justins pewter, stockings, stories, streams, strength, strength of character, swords, tailcoats, tailoring, tarot cards, terry pratchett, the wizard of earthsea, tim burton, top hats, trees, trust, ursula le guin, velvet, victoriana, vintage clothing, weaponry, webcomics, wendyhouse, whisky., whitby, wine, wisdom